Managed Security

Who is monitoring and managing the security of your system? Is your company or its information vulnerable?

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  • Standardized industry leading firewall and agent based security
  • Custom solutions, integrated with big data threat detection and response databases-NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE
  • Government grade solutions affordably brought to the SMB and enterprise markets

Managed Backup

Could you recover from a fire, flood, localized disaster or being Crypto-locked? How long would it take to return to operation?

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  • Standardized backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Solutions designed to minimize downtime during unexpected data loss, corruption or compromise
  • Cloud based and on- premise solutions

Managed Firewall

Is your system vulnerable to an attack or a virus? Do you know what type of traffic your system is experiencing? Are there websites that need to be blocked in order to increase productivity?

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  • Standardized firewall solutions
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Fully managed
  • Enhanced security solutions
  • Threat vector analysis like no other in the industry
  • Big data threat database


Managed Server

Are your servers secure? Are all patches installed? Is their performance maximized?

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  • Reduce lifecycle cost through proper maintenance
  • Minimize the risk of failures
  • 24/7 eyes on your servers
  • Reduced cost through process automation.  Automate administrative tasks to free up vital IT staff
  • Gain peace of mind, knowing that all systems are patched and up to date
  • See the status of your network through custom dashboard access

Managed Workstation

Are workstations properly protected? Is inventory accurate? What units are out of warranty? Are users using unauthorized applications? How much "stare time" do users experience? Are you losing money through slow system performance?

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  • Custom designed workstation pre-staging
  • Workstations ready for operations upon delivery
    • Networking preconfigured
    • All operating system updates installed
    • Client applications installed, updated, and configured
  • Office and email installed and configured

Managed E-mail

Are you trying to manage your own email server?

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  • Increase reliability
  • SPAM solutions
  • Hosted email solutions
  • Office 365
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Managed Anti-Virus

Is your computer infected by malware or trojans? Is your computer at risk for having the hard drive wiped by a virus? Could someone perform illegal activities from your machine's IP address?

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  • Proactive approach to protect your devices from viruses, spam and malware attacks
  • Enterprise grade antivirus software

Appliance-based Assessments

Do you really know what is happening on your network? Would you like to find out?

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  • Assess current  state of network and computing environment through a mixture of appliance, agent and senior systems engineer based data collection.
  • Data driven decision making
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Multi-Site Computing Solutions

Are you using the right computing model between locations? Is productivity maximized or could it be improved upon? Is the technology used between locations secure? What technologies will help you meet your business objectives?

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  • Software availability for your multi-site network
  • Software business function
  • Technology assessment, design and optimization
  • Comprehensive approach to your business needs
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Emergency Escalation Support

Does your IT staff sometimes need another set of eyes? When do emergencies happen?

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  • 20+ years of experience providing escalated support to the enterprise
  • 24/7 support, emergencies always seem to happen at the worst time